– Detailed insights helps achieve learning goals

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    Helga Falch Johannessen, teacher at Øren primary sschool in Drammen municipality

Good tools help to improve everyday life in Norwegian schools. Where it once took days to register student results through paper-based processes, now student performance data is available as soon as the tests are completed. This frees up teachers to use their time more productively in lesson planning as well as using the insights from Conexus Engage to tailor content to meet individual student needs.

Conexus Engage tracks student progress in basic skills, as well in the other school curriculum subjects. A student´s development over months and years is accessed from within the tool, making it easier to set up learning goals in partnership with students and parents. Data on each pupil is collected through diagnostic tests, standardized assessments and modules for deeper learning.

“Conexus Engage is invaluable for me as teacher. It helps me plan and improve daily teaching, as well as removing the guesswork from assessing pupils progress. I especially like the way data is displayed using clear graphic concepts. This provides clear reporting to pupils, parents and also to internal stakeholders in school”, says Helga Falch Johannessen from  Øren School in Drammen. Helga is a tutor in class 7A, teaching maths and science.

Conexus Engage has the full support of her school. Issues where improvements are needed can be flagged in Conexus Engage. This makes it easier to target teaching for shorter or longer periods.

“I can for instance pick out students who need to work with a specific course for four weeks to get to the level they should be at. It’s probably my background that makes me especially fond of numbers and data. Subjects like maths work particularly well with this approach. I can see that our whole school has benefited greatly from using these digital tools. As we have used Conexus Engages for a while now, we can compare data with previous periods, and see trends over time”, she says. The fact-based materials in Conexus Engage make evaluations of pupil progress more objective, and therefore more accurate.

“In the course of teaching students every day, it is easy to believe that you have an accurate impression of a student´s abilities and progress. Since starting to use Conexus Engages, I find that I get regular “aha moments” that lead me to adjust my original assessment. Both positively and negatively. For our students who have specific learning challenges, it´s important that we can share this with colleagues in a timely and relevant context”, Helga observes.

The tools Conexus offer are tailored to meet the needs of teachers’ everyday lives, and during their development and implementation, close contact with potential users of these tools is important. “We’ve had a lot of contact with Conexus. They constantly invite us to give them feedback on how to improve the product, and in general they have been very responsive and easy to work with”, says Helga.