– Involve parents in student monitoring and follow up

  • bratteteig
    Inger Lise Bratteteig, pedagogisk råddgiver i Haugesund kommune (Foto: Svein Knudsen)

Systematic improvement of services for adolescents
“It amazes me that no one has invented something like this before. A user friendly and interactive tool for customizing learning, which also involves parents in a positive way. We have seen very interesting results in a relatively short time”, says Inger Lise Bratteteig, Educational Advisor with Haugesund municipality.

Haugesund municipality have a comprehensive rollout program for Conexus Companion, where the digital tool will also be implemented in the NAV social services infrastructure as well as in secondary schools. Conexus Companion facilitates better coordination between services, and can be configured to meet the needs of children and adolescents who require individualized assistance. The tool collects data from all parties involved, including healthcare services, and brings it together in one place. So no information is lost in the handover between health services, kindergarten or school services.

Success with internal collaboration
“We started using Conexus Companion in pilot projects in 2013. This was prompted by a 2012 survey by the Directorate of Health which revealed that 50 percent of respondents believed that our communication procedures in the municipality were less than satisfactory. Our 2014 survey, on the other hand, showed that almost 100 percent of respondents said that we had good procedures. This underlines the broad internal support we have had for the introduction of Conexus Companion; from politicians, managers, educational and health service administrators. Our experience in adopting the tool has been very positive. Not least, we have seen that parents that play an active part in the process have a positive experience too”, says Bratteteig.

Conexus Companion is used as a case management tool for children and young people who have challenges. In some cases, many agencies are involved in delivering services.

Measures taken in the home significantly affect outcomes
“EPCS, kindergartens, schools, health clinics, physiotherapists, speech therapists, child care and child guidance clinics now use Conexus Companion in their work. In the near future, GPs will also start using the tool, and it will be adopted by both the NAV social security services and secondary schools. The brilliance of the case management system is that kindergartens and schools get a tool that is at its best when parents are involved as well. We have seen that measures taken by parents in the home can have a significant positive effect. This may consist of helping children with; conceptual development, motor exercises, social training with others, but also working together on everyday routines, such as homework and preparing their daily school lunch pack. Conexus Companion is simply a great tool for collaboration”, Bratteteig says.
The municipality has its own website for Conexus Companion, and user analytics readily show that the tool is widely used. With full support for the tool, results are happening quickly.
“We are already seeing a positive effect on learning outcomes, and we now have several success stories”.
Improvements over the long run
The list of positive spin-off effects is long. Conexus involved Haugesund and Tysvær municipalities in the development of Conexus Companion. Both came with a long list of wants and requirements, which turned out to be the beginning of something substantial.

“On a daily basis, we have a solid, systematic and secure flow of information between stakeholders, especially in the handover phase between agencies working on a case. An important result has been that we do not need to re-register children when they move. In the long run, I am convinced that we will see reduced dropout rates in high school. Something that will eventually provide an real and lasting economic benefit. We have an excellent collaborative relationship with Conexus. I travel around a lot and talk about our experiences, and in our region, I expect to see other municipalities start to adopt the tool. Conexus Companion has great potential” says Inger Lise Bratteteig