Conexus Key

Self assessment and training tool for educators

Modular training and continuous evaluation enables educators to improve deeper learning skills

Conexus Key provides an environment for self-assessment, training and deeper learning. By understanding motivations and personal drives, educators can continue to develop their ability to teach and to learn. Combining formal data with individual insights, Conexus Key is based on the proven principle that we learn most effectively when reflecting on experience.

To deliver engaging classroom experiences, teachers need to build what educators Michael Fullan and Andy Hargreaves call their professional capital. The term professional capital has three dimensions. Social capital – the ability to create positive interpersonal relationships. Human capital – the ability to build knowledge. Decision capital – the ability to make good decisions in situations where there are no clear answers or procedures. Conexus Key strengthens professional capital through three modules:

  • Learning Mindset – this module is designed to motivate educators to keep learning, and improve their basic skills for professional learning which creates a richer learning culture for everyone.
  • Teach Like a Pro – a self-assessment tool which develops teachers abilities to learn from colleagues, and pinpoint areas for improvement based on an analysis of social capital, human capital and decision capital.
  • Lead Like a Pro – a self assessment tool which lets school leaders reflect on their leadership skills. They can then set goals for building their professional capital.


Conexus Key helps educators to train themselves to be better able to incorporate new knowledge and new approaches into their teaching practice. To succeed in a rapidly changing world, schools need to build a learning mindset This will help to build robust pupils who are better equipped to persevere in the face of challenges, and go on to achieve their potential.