Deeper Learning in Conexus Engage

  • We have to facilitate the students to come down into the deep, and remain there long enough to discover all the treasures. This is an illustration of deeper learning
    We have to facilitate the students to come down into the deep, and remain there long enough to discover all the treasures. Even those they were not expected to find.
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    The new dashboard Conexus Engage gives teachers clearer insight into the student's depth learning expertise.
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    The new dashboard in Conexus Engage gives the teachers insight into the student's deeper learning competence together with comnpetence the student has shown in other subjects and skills.

Deeper Learning means that students gradually and over time develop their understanding of concepts and contexts within a subject. An important research contribution argues for a multidimensional approach to learning. This means that learning takes place in interaction between cognitive, social and emotional skills, such as perseverance, the ability to work constructively deal with adversity, curiosity, creativity and cooperation.

Deeper Learning in Conexus Engage

Conexus Engage is a new version of Vokal, and with this we introduce a brand new module focusing on deeper learning. An ever changing society also requires a school that renews itself. Future students will have different expectations than yesterday’s, and the subjects in school will give students deeper learning and better understanding. This module is all about students to develop lasting understanding on a subject or across subjects. It requires active students in the learning process, reflecting on what they learn and putting it in the context of what they could before.

Students are standing on the wharf with the ambition to get down in to the deep. With Conexus Engage students and teachers takes their first step towards deeper learning. By answering a set of questions about deeper learning and interdisciplinary, the students start their awareness and they can reflect on their own competence. The teacher accesses the assessments, and Conexus Engage provides a comprehensive insight into the students, both at an individual level and as a group The teachers also get access to a library of teaching resources that facilitates “deeper” learning in the classroom.

With Conexus Engage Deeper Learning you get:

– Research-based analysis of depth learning survey
– Insight into students’ interdisciplinary and depth learning
– Library with teaching for depth learning