Cooperation for the Schools of the Future

  • Deeper learning is a prerequisite for the schools of the future

Deeper Learning is a prerequisite for the schools of the future. Now Munin Education and Conexus have begun a partnership to encourage deeper learning.

Conexus’s own tool for analysis of learning, Conexus Engage, is created to give teachers the opportunity to see their students’ competencies, development, and progression in a range of academic skills like problem solving, creativity, teamwork, and critical thinking. Our wish is to equip teachers with the tools they need to improve children’s lives after they leave school. This is to encourage deeper learning.

Munin Samfunnsfag (Munin Social Studies) uses actual news cases as a starting point for creating motivating and engaging content and activities. Now students’ activity data from Munin Samfunnsfag is linked in with Conexus Engage.

Read more about what opportunities Conexus Engage provides here.

Giving teachers insight into students’ overarching academic competencies

A partnership with Munin Education will give teachers and other users of Conexus Engage the chance to offer better deeper learning for their students through increase insight, dialogue, and follow-up for each student. Students can use their abilities to analyze, solve problems, and reflect upon their own learning—something that provides varied understandings across many content areas.

“Interdisciplinary and deeper learning is central to how we develop content and activities in Munin Samfunnsfag. The partnership with Conexus about learning analysis means that teachers receive a great tool to differentiate their instruction to their students,” says Eva Bratvold, the editor of Munin Samfunnsfag.

“Letting students work in and across subjects and competency areas, based on a connection to the real world and actual events, is also motivational for learning. In the interaction between Munin and Conexus, students’ real activities will show their academic development. Not to mention that it also shows students’ progression in these overarching competencies,” says Olav Teigen from Conexus.

Do you want to know more about what Munin and Conexus can offer? Reach out to Olav Teigen for more information or a noncommittal meeting. .