Conexus on exclusive list of the most exciting learning analysis

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Conexus is the only European company on the list of interesting, new and innovative vendors of learning analytics created by global IT research company Gartner.

Gartner is the largest analysis company in the world, and sells exclusive recommendations to governments and companies. The company includes Conexus in its analysis for 2015 of exciting players in the field of education.

It is particularly Conexus focus on the teacher, and the link of education data from a variety of sources which have aroused Gartner’s interest. Conexus differs according to Gartner by empowernig the teacher, by making learning analytics from a broad set of sources and presenting learning analytics in an understandable way visually.

For Conexus it is nice that Gartner appreciate and recommend a solution where the teacher is the protagonist, and the analytics will be used to develop teacher and the organization’s professional development.  Gartner also emphasizes Conexus ability to integrate data from many different sources, and also working on getting into learning data from new entrants and users both have learning analysis at group level and individually. Here they refer to the two systems Conexus Insight and Conexus Engage. Conexus Insight provides learning analytics with aggregated data, and is used by 85 percent of the high schools and more than one third of the primary schools. Conexus Engage collects surveys and used for educational support for students and classes for teachers, and is found in 85 percent of Norwegian primary schools. It is also established in Denmark.

Gartner also mentions the new product to develop teachers and headmasters capacity, as an example of the importance of focusing on developing teachers in school.

As the analysis is made exclusively for subscribers so it is not appropriate to quote from the analysis.

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