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A comprehensive learning analytics tool for better collaboration between school and kindergarten owners, leaders and teachers.

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  • Compiles and analyses educational data from a wide range of sources
  • Provides scores and indicators to educators on what matters most
  • Helps build understanding of improvement areas across the educational arena
  • Structures results into an easy-to-use visual dashboard
  • Integrates assessment data to support quality decision-making throughout the organisation
  • Continuously helps improve the quality of the education
  • Unifies school owners, leaders and educators through consistent use of indicators
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Deeper Learning society (part 2) in Fornebu

Deep Learning Society (DLS) Part 2: Deeper Learning in Practice

180 school leaders and municipality school owners gathered with representatives from Conexus and LearnLab at the Quality Expo Hotel in Fornebu to further share the work of the Deep Learning Society-course that began in the fall of 2016. Among the …

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Verden er ikke delt opp i fag

The quest for deeper learning: the world is not divided up into subjects

For over 40 years, Ringstabekk middle school in Bærum has focused on real life education. Recently, we came to visit and learn more.

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Graf i Conexus Engage, viser faglig utvikling og mestringsfølelse

How many students in your school experience both mastery and enough academic challenges?

What do you think about the students who say that they have enough academic challenges at school but find that they have little mastery? What about the students who experience lots of mastery, but not enough academic challenges? The example …

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Deeper learning is a prerequisite for the schools of the future

Cooperation for the Schools of the Future

Dybdelæring er en forutsetning for fremtidens skole. Nå inngår Munin Education og Conexus et samarbeid som fremmer dybdelæring.

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