A Lifelong Learning Company.
The way we learn, study, work and live is changing. It is being “disrupted”. we are the foremost research backed, evidence based learning analytics firm. This is what we do:

Creation of learning profiles
Learning analytics and content assets
Learning Design process tool
Professional development for Educators
Adaptive, personalised learning reports
Profiling for the new workforce




The IMTEC Foundation

A corner stone in  IMTEC’s portfolio is their work with factors contributing to school development on system level (”How Schools Improve”, Dalin, 1994), with theories for school development, and with professional assistance to various reform projects. IMTEC has a small staff but a large network of highly qualified people who contribute to the various programs and school development training. IMTEC has developed several programs in change management for school leaders at both institution and system level.

IMTEC has programs for leadership development and training, and conduct surveys. They are mainly employed by organizations and agencies in the public sector (mainly schools), but also by municipalities that want assistance in change processes.




KMD’s position as one of Denmark’s leading IT and software companies is founded on insight – insight derived from and rooted in the public sector but now also benefiting the private sector.

The majority of their business revolves around software development, creating and delivering IT solutions for the local government, central government, regional and private markets.




In our rapidly changing world, it can be hard to keep up. Time is limited and you may not always have the tools or the knowledge needed to meet new demands and challenges.  For over thirty years IST has been involved in helping schools, people and organisations to meet the future. And that is exactly what “learn more” is about – learning more, aiming higher and reaching further.



Microsoft wants to create engaging and inclusive experiences that inspires lifelong learning, stimulate development of essential life skills and support teachers with guidance and nurture students’ motivation. They aim to empower students and teachers to create and share new ways to provide training and learning through exploration, to customize individual learning needs,  making them able to create, develop, invent and build with technology.

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