Conexus Insight

The right insights to the right people. All in one place.

A comprehensive learning analytics tool for better collaboration between school and kindergarten owners, leaders and teachers.

Conexus Insight is a comprehensive tool which integrates data to support quality development throughout the organisation.

Educational data from a wide range of sources is compiled and analysed using surveys to structure results into a visual dashboard. Educators get the scores and indicators they need to focus on what matters most. Continuously improving the quality of the education they are responsible for delivering.

The Conexus Insight dashboard is a true learning analytics management tool. Data is compiled from educational publishers, adaptive learning systems, test results, mapping tools, student surveys on their learning environments, teaching appraisals, key capacities, social and demographic data from the region, and normative data from research centres and educational directorates. Conexus Insight structures and summarises data into trends which make it simple to assess single or multiple data points over time. This provides school leaders with valuable information which they can use to guide organisational development, and provide feedback to stakeholders.

Conexus Insight lets educators design internal quality programs for their kindergarten, school or institution. This ensures that the information base becomes more comprehensive and balanced, and improves the precision of measurement. The tool is used at different levels in an organisation; From individual student, student group, student class, school, municipality or even at county or state level.

Conexus Insight creates stronger organisations who are united around a common understanding of quality frameworks and a mutual commitment to continuously improve. School owners work more closely with school managers who in turn are able to better support and develop teaching staff.