Conexus Engage

A better learning dialogue with every student. Free up time in the process.

Conexus Engage is an ecosystem for learning that facilitates deeper learning. Data collected on individual students from all key assessments are structured in one place, helping teachers to group and engage students.

Conexus Engage collects data on individual students from diagnostic tests, standardised assessments and deeper learning surveys. Data is structured and presented visually to help teachers group and engage students. Teachers gain an overview of the whole process and can access ready-to-use teaching content on the same platform to help them address individual student needs. Teaching is then focused on delivering the most relevant content and attaining the right goals.

Conexus Engage is the framework for tracking student progress in curriculum subjects and basic skills. Over months and years, an individual student´s development is readily accessible, creating opportunities to design learning goals with students and their parents. Goals can be short, medium or long term, and can be regularly reviewed, or updated based on new decisions made by the student and the teacher.

Evidence-based insight is used not only for individual students, but to assess progress for an entire class. For school leaders, Conexus Engage is an effective tool to standardise assessments and ensure that teachers are conducting learning appraisals in a consistent and quality assured manner.