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Quality learning content when you need it.

A mYouTime is a multimedia package for learning on mobile. With mYouTime, it is possible to create and publish learning content in a few minutes.

With access to an ever-richer variety of digital learning tools to stimulate different learning strategies, mYouTime is designed to take advantage of the principles of micro-learning: 5 minutes to create. 3 minutes to see.
Lifelong learning effect.

How can you use a mYouTime?

mYouTime can be used by teachers or managers to create and distribute learning content. For example, for sharing information or using flipped classroom methodology.

mYouTime can be used by students / employees to show their own learning comprehension, or collaborative learning.

mYouTime can be set up with categorization of content and can export activity data to an LRS or Conexus Engage where the student’s learning activity in mYouTime is displayed.

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