Conexus vip24
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The self-assessment and development tool for employees

Explore and confirm values, interests and personal preferences to reveal sources of motivation and success at work

vip24 is a development tool for people working in organisations. It helps individuals assess their own motivations, strengths and learning preferences. They can then identify a personal development path that is relevant to their needs and abilities. vip24 also helps leaders, by giving them insights into their leadership style, strengths and weaknesses. Leaders get a practical framework for improving their own performance, recruit more successfully and get people working together to build more successful organisations.

Outputs from vip24 include gap analysis and feedback models to reveal an employees interest profile, preference profile, preferred values and an overall profile which can be used for further dialogue and reflection about a career choice or job situation. This is particularly relevant in organisations that are experiencing significant change.

vip24 certification is a benchmark for quality focused HR processes, Certification can be expanded to cover; competence and training development, managing absenteeism at both individual or organisation level, reorganisation and recruitment processes.