Conexus Companion

No child should be left behind. Every child deserves to be seen.

It is our shared responsibility as parents, teachers, school leaders and social workers to ensure that every child get early, high quality follow-up.

Conexus Companion promotes personalisation and the delivery of best outcomes for service users, both children and students. Designed to unify the efforts of responsible stakeholders and social care disciplines in one place, so that nothing gets lost when responsibilities are handed over between institutions. Stakeholders contributing case data to Conexus Companion include; psychiatrists, kindergartens, schools, child welfare services, speech therapists, physiotherapists and educational psychologists. Each has a vital role to play, and brings a unique perspective. Taken together, this data creates a rich and holistic picture of a case, and helps improve decision making on behalf of the child or young person.

When children and young people are assessed as at risk by one institution, consistent and transferable documentation is essential to managing individual cases. Conexus Companion collates data and creates an integrated view of each case, which includes prescribed measures, a timeline for implementation, the practitioner responsible and minutes of meetings. It is also possible to specify how a change process will be implemented, and which stakeholders should act together to achieve the best result.

Use of Conexus Companion in Norway has demonstrated marked improvements in multi agency collaboration and documentation. Responsibilities have been more clearly described, and this has meant that case monitoring has been more integrated and coherent.