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Developing teacher competence in partnership with Ministry of Education in Singapore

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What is One Portal All Learners?

The OPAL2 solution (One Portal All Learners 2) is the Learning and Professional Development System for Ministry of Education (MOE) in Singapore.
This solution covers the entire competency development journey – which includes the identification of learning needs, development planning, content creation, training delivery, collaboration via social learning tools, feedback and evaluation, insights into effectiveness, and much more. 
All these rich functionalities are integrated with necessary workflows for control and ease of administration in a large enterprise.

Engaging Learning

On the go or In collaboration

  • During your transit to work, watch a 5-minute video on Creative Writing
  • Explore endless learning opportunities by browsing the catalogue
  • Join physical courses, or interact with your fellow learners

Tailored content

  • Fine-tuned courses and microlearning hand tailored for you
  • Get an overview of current and previous learning opportunities by looking in to «my learning»
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Create unique content​

  • Import existing documents, videos, SCORM packages, or create content yourself​
  • Make forms from scratch *quiz/survey/poll with highly adjustable configuration​

Publish the content you have created​

  • By publishing created content you are allowing others to use this content to create a new course​
  • Put together hand-picked content to be used in a course or microlearning
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Course Management

Build a learning opportunity

  • Tag learning opportunities for categorization and targeting matching audience​
  • Nominate( suggest) users to partake in newly created courses ​
  • Publish the learning opportunity to the catalogue ​

Administer course​

  • Get an overview over attendees, track learning progress and assignments​
  • Waitlist learners and discover that your course needs a recuring run
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  • Let’s users plan for their own upcoming learning curriculum
  • Evaluate strengths and areas of improvement through a Learning Needs Analysis
  • Aspire to grow through learning


  • Manage the staffs learning plan for a better overview of their learning and growth
  • Deploy corporate strategy in development plan and view the organisational progress
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Strategic Insights

Track progress​

  • You can track activity and progress on various areas, such as attendees, learning progress and personal growth​
  • Keep a good overview over staffs learning progress​
  • Monitor the effect of your learning activities


  • Portray informational analytics in your customizable dashboard with updated data​
  • Monitor your own learning with graphs
  • Get insights on the usability and relevance of your courses to evolve content portfoli
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Singapore schools are arguably the best in the world

The Ministry of Education (MOE) formulates and implements education policies on education structure, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment.

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